Accept Recurring Payment With EzyREC

EZYREC makes automatic payments simple for both you and your customer. It is like an alarm clock to let your customers know the exact date and time of payment via our subscription billing and recurring billing system so that you don’t have to time trail them and ask for money.

Automate your scheduled payments. No more chasing clients.
Accept payments without cash or cards.
Convenience for Customer
Make it easy for the customer to pay for your services

Pricing Plan

2.7 % MDR
Low starting cost
RM 88.00
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2.7 % MDR
Save up to RM 176
every year
Additional 2 months
of service
(RM 1056.00)
RM 880.00
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2.7 % MDR
Pay once and
use forever
RM 2728.00
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Product Description

Card Brands MasterCard & VISA
Card Types Credit Card & Debit Card
International Cards Accepted
MDR 2.7% for Credit Cards, 2.7% for Debit Cards, Additional 0.4% for Foreign Cards
eWallet BOOST
Settlement to Business Account only
Settlement Period Transaction + 2 working days (T+2)
Minimum Settlement No minimum amount
Settlement Charge FREE
Processing Currency MYR
Approval time period 5-10 working days
Eligibility Criteria Business Registration

EZYREC prioritize your convenience over everything. Hence, its auto-pay feature is absolutely cashless and cardless. Your customers can use EZYREC to setup for recurring payments by entering their bank details, payment amount and due date to set things in motion. On the other hand, you can use the app to send recurring invoices to your clients to notify them of the automatic billing. This provides the transparency and ease to build a healthy client-business relationship.

EZYREC supports multiple payment optionswith no minimum settlement amount or charge, allowing you to enjoy our low-cost service at affordable rate. Get in touch with one of our representatives today totake your business to the next level. Your customers will appreciate it as well as your bill collectors. Find out more here.