SMS & WhatsApp Payment Gateway

EZYMOTO offers one of the easiest SMS payment gateways via WhatsApp. All you have to do is download the application and register your profile to readily receive payments with the push of a button.

App Based
You do not need any hardware to accept payments.
International Payments
Accept payments, wherever your customers are.
Top-Notch Convenience
Accept Payments by just a click

Pricing Plan

2.7 % MDR
Low starting cost
RM 88.00
Add to Cart
2.5 % MDR
Save up to RM 176
every year
Additional 2 months
of service
(RM 1056.00)
RM 880.00
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2.5 % MDR
Pay once and
use forever
RM 2728.00
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Product Description

Card Brands MasterCard & VISA
Card Types Credit Card & Debit Card
International Cards Accepted
Transaction Cost Low
MDR 2.5% Credit Cards (Mastercard&Visa), 2.5% for Debit Cards, Additional 0.4% for Foreign Cards
eWallet BOOST
Settlement to Business Account only
Settlement Period Transaction + 2 working days (T+2)
Minimum Settlement No minimum amount
Settlement Charge FREE
Processing Currency MYR
Approval time period 5-10 working days
Eligibility Criteria Business Registration

Our online application is the best gateway to source for payments, as long as you have an SMS service provider or WhatsApp application. Now, you can receive payment anywhere from the world with a single click. Bill your global customers via SMS and WhatsApp billing system and get instant payment.

Choose Mobiversa payment gateway and the EZYMOTO app to conduct business wherever you are, whether it’s vacation or in a meeting. Your business will be satisfied with the cost savings and efficiency that our application has to offer. Get in touch with our trusted representatives or fill out forms in our website to get started right away!