Pre Authorized Payment

EZYAUTH makes your life easy by allowing pre-authorized transactions. No more losing sleep over missing payment deadlines or chasing customers for your dues. All you have to do is activate pre-authorized transactions with us and we will take care of the rest.

By signing up for EZY-AUTH, your bill will be paid, from your customer bank account on time, automatically.
Save on Expenses
Saving the money you would have spent to process and record your payments.
Good Bookkeeping
Keep track of sales and business performance. No more messy account folders.

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RM 88 /Month*

No setup fees

No physical documents required

Online application - Quick & Easy!

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Product Description

Card Brands MasterCard & VISA
Card Types Credit Card & Debit Card
International Cards Accepted
MDR 2.7% for Credit Cards, 2.7% for Debit Cards, Additional 0.4% for Foreign Cards
eWallet BOOST
Settlement to Business Account only
Settlement Period Transaction + 2 working days (T+2)
Minimum Settlement No minimum amount
Settlement Charge FREE
Processing Currency MYR
Approval time period 5-10 working days
Eligibility Criteria Business Registration

If you are spending too much time on settling your bills and dues manually, its time to get EZYAUTH. Get automated bill payments from your customer bank account on time and also save money from spending on process and recording payments. also, keep track of sales and business performance with ease.

Change the way you do business with EZYAUTH. Your business will see huge savings with automatic payments at lowest transaction fee and you will notice the difference when the money starts to roll in! Start your journey today by going to or calling one of our trusted representatives right now.

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