Running an e-commerce business in Malaysia isn’t as easy as it seems. To some people, it feels like checking order requests on admin dashboard and fulfilling them in timely manner. Well, in reality, it’s more than that. In this article, we will be discussing top 5 challenges faced by all e-commerce business owners.

1. Security of Website

Some Malaysia e-commerce site owners who are not tech-savvy, its everyday nightmare for them to run their business online. One silly mistake of choosing the wrong host or nulled theme and all of their earnings disappeared in a jiffy.

Not only their earned revenue is at risk but the sensitive details of their customers like credit card and other personal details also get involved in hacker threats. Some customers don’t even show interest if the particular e-commerce site has potential security threats. With that being said, it’s highly recommended to e-commerce owners to install proper SSL certificate and follow the security protocols to ensure the safety of their site.

2. Secure Payment Gateway

With reference to the point discussed above, choosing the right payment gateway for e-commerce site is also a tough challenge to tackle. Given the plethora of options available these days, it’s like finding a needle from the haystack to choose the right payment gateways in Malaysia.

Even world famous payment gateways like PayPal has also experienced vulnerability issues from time to time. Also, some payment gateways charge fortune to setup and use on longer run. Some are cheap but not that secure. With that said, choosing the right payment gateways is as challenging to e-commerce owners as it is for bride to find right groom.

3. Customer Support

A research says, one of the top most reason why e-commerce sites lose their customer is their customer service support. The only reason why Amazon is at top, is their mind-blowing customer service. Unfortunately, it’s not easy for all the e-commerce owners to have as amazing customer support as Amazon.

In the beginning, when the customer base is not that high, it’s easy to solve their problems. However, once it starts growing, it becomes more difficult to take care of customers in productive manner. Most e-commerce owners rely on third party customer service providers who don’t understand the heart of customers. It is suggested to wannabe e-commerce owners to brainstorm about providing customer support before they even begin in this online marketplace world.

4. Product Returns

Most e-commerce owners don’t only lose their funds behind this issue, but they also lose their minds on some unethical customers returning products for no reason. In best cases, products would be able to resell and in worst cases, they are not even worthy enough to throw in garbage.

This mere issue causes e-commerce owners to lose hefty amount of revenue over period of time. Almost, 9 out of 10 e-commerce owners would bring up this problem upon asking their main challenge in their online business.

5. Brand Image & Negativity

There are some customers who can’t control their nerves upon getting product below their expectations. They will put all their efforts to pour out negativity about your brand in all social media and everywhere else.

It’s very hard to get rid of those customer reviews and make your brand come into life again. These kinds of customers cost millions to even some world-renowned ecommerce sites like Amazon and eBay.

In conclusion, there are some issues which are easy to solve and there are some which are impossible to tackle. However, if you have trust in your brand and manage to provide good customer support, e-commerce is the field to jump in and setup your online store in Malaysia right away.