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Why Mobiversa?

Restricted Access

Conventional financial services ignore drop shippers business depriving them of access to online payments


Zero hassle, fast onboarding with our digital onboarding platform

Cost Reduction

Commissions and Collaterals are too high for e-commerce businesses to be profitable.


No startup cost and low transaction fees.

Cross Border

Businesses are restricted to making a sale based on where their customer is.


Accept Cross Border Payments and reach customers that were previously not accessible.

Mobiversa is one of the regulatees registered
with Bank Negara Malaysia to provide merchant
acquiring services in accordance with
FSA 2013 (Financial Services Act)

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Xiao Lee
Very convinient to use and we manage to get a good service from Elvelt Lee for his patience to help us and guide us.
Hannah Sarah
My company runs an Airbnb management and service. We discovered Mobiversa and decided to give it a go. Mr Elvert Lee was our sales person. He took really good care of all the procedure, we dint had to worry much. I have to give credits to Mr Elvert as he is very efficient and fast. Very good service.
Lylia Fehmi
Got my device from Mr Elvelt Lee. Very helpful in getting everything done in time. Even help me push company secretary to get the docs ready fast! Very recommended & thank you Mr Elvelt.

Mobiversa - Best Payment Gateway Services in Malaysia

Mobiversa is your one-stop solution for making an online payment. Not only in Malaysia, but Mobiversa also supports online businesses that are set up internationally. You can enjoy our online payment gateway solution for online payments and it can be anytime, anywhere with only a few simple clicks!

Payment gateway plays an important role for online businesses. It is a platform that links a business website with a bank to authorise or decline customers’ debit or credit card like the MasterCard. It makes your steps in an online business procedure way easier and simpler

Your One Stop Payment Solution

We are fast and easy to use. We also charge low transaction costs for all our services. We offer you attractive deals and plans if you wish to sign up for our services, which include: EZYWAY, EZYAUTH, EZYMOTO, EZYWIRE, EZYREC+. Just leaf through our website to know more info about our services. For a detailed clarification, you can contact one of our specialists today.


Payment gateway plays an important role in e-commerce. It is a service application or service that channels online business website and the bank to authorise or decline customers’ credit card payment. In other words, all credit card transactions go through a payment gateway for authorisation purposes.
When you purchase any item on a merchant website, you will be directed to the payment page. All transaction details you entered will be securely sent to payment gateway for authorisation. Payment gateway then processes the transaction and sends it to the issuing bank. Once it has been confirmed, the purchase is made successful.
First, you need to have a secure server, then build or purchase an online shopping platform for customers to buy products. After these steps are done, simply set up an account with Mobiversa and key in your payment gateway details accordingly.
The cost of payment gateway usually depends on your choice of payment provider and its processing fees. With Mobiversa, we offer payment gateway product that only costs you RM880 per year with no setup fee charges. For enterprise, you may inquire us for price request.
It takes many qualities to consider when choosing a payment gateway. You have to make sure it’s trusted, reputable and safe to use as it involves customers’ data encryption. With Mobiversa, you can tick off the main specifications as you will be offered with low transaction fees, world class security, mobility & flexibility, convenient usage, access to merchant portal as well as fast approval process.
Both a merchant account and payment gateway serves different purpose, but each needs one another in order to complete. A merchant account is an account used to allow businesses accept online payments via credit/debit cards. Payment gateway is a part of online payment service for encryption, verification and authorisation of transactions made by customers.
Payment gateway and payment processor are a type of system that processes payments between customers and merchants, but they have different functions. The former deals more with payment authentication procedure and while the latter transmits or processes data between the merchant, issuing bank and acquiring bank.